Calamity of errors #1 Silva 1-0

From the moment that we conceded a throw in with 5:38 on the clock, numerous errors were made by our players that led to the opening goal by David Silva.  The majority are just basics and shows the apathy shown by our players.  A worrying sign for Newcastle, when you’re only 5 minutes into the new Premier League season and against potential league winners – you would expect more fight from the team.


1.  (5.38) Gouffran is blocking off the path for Zabaleta to throw it back to his defenders, however he knows that Fernandinho is unmarked and points.  Whether he says anything, we can’t really tell.  However it’s schoolboy stuff – everyone mark a man.  The nearest man to Fernandinho is Sissoko, who is probably about 15 yards away from him.  In reality, Jonas (standing by the touchline) should be marking Navas, and Tiote should be in Sissoko’s position being the holding defender and Sissoko marking Fernandinho.

MCY 1.1

2.  (5.39) A second later, Jonas points out at the lack of marking on Fernandinho.  Too late.  At the top of the screen, you can see Ben Arfa by David Silva.  Arguably on the wrong side of him, he should be goal side or at least in front of him, blocking any potential passes reaching him.

MCY 1.2

3. (5.41)  Fernandino has received the ball, turns and with a lot of time, can pick out Silva.   Silva in those two seconds has moved away from Ben Arfa quite easily.

MCY 1.3

4. (5.45)  Silva runs towards the area with the ball and Dzeko spins off Steven Taylor towards the left hand channel into Debuchy’s space.  Note that Tiote has moved in field and closes Silva down and is goal-side of him.

MCY 1.4

5. (5.49)  Dzeko beats Debuchy one on one!  This is Edin Dezko, not Ronaldo, but Dzeko who isn’t actually blessed with a turn of pace.  Tiote for some inexplicable reason is attracted to the ball instead of marking Silva.  Sissoko is just by the edge of the box.

MCY 1.5

6. (5.51)  Dzeko gains a yard on Debuchy and picks out Silva.  One of the smallest men and most dangerous men on the pitch, unmarked Silva headers the ball from 8 yards out.  Tiote is out of position having been attracted to the ball and Sissoko has been lazy in getting back.

7. (5.52) Goal.

14 seconds and a calamity of errors lead to our own undoing.


One response to “Calamity of errors #1 Silva 1-0

  1. Very interesting comments shows up how poor we are at defending.saying that man city were class that day as cardiff showed on sunday if u get at city chances are there to be taken.but as normal pardew tactics wouldn’t allow us to attack same as last season too negative.there were far too many times last season were we wouldn’t attack til we were a goal down.these tactics need to change we need to be more positive if were going to avoid another season like the last one

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